Welcome to UK Lady’s site for tubes, I am displaying hand drawn tube for you to use. enjoy your visit and please leave a message

  1. wow loving your new ones
    so much talent
    hugs and kisses

  2. hi jill wow love ur tubes they fantastic wish i could do them havea great sunday lovs caroline xxx

  3. Thanks Angel xx

  4. Thanks Caz xx

  5. Hey there
    wow thanks for stopping bye
    wow your work improves everytime hey well done.
    I havent made new tubes in ages actually today is the first one I have made in ages
    Im trying to get back into it but so hard with everything going on
    as you would know some times you just loss the creative mind lol
    well i hope you ok

  6. lol yes it gets a bit like that lol
    I have to ask what the heck is MGO videos

  7. wow thats awesome well done
    do you make them from scratch???
    what are they used for lol yep full of questions
    by the way i love that song lol

  8. Thanks Jill ,for signing my guest book,
    and thanks for taking my banner,
    and thanks for keeping in touch.
    I will aslo link to you,I will check if you have
    a banner on this site,
    or I just use a link to here.

    So great site you have here.,
    you have done well making tubes,
    when I come next time I’ll will bring a gift
    I also use a code bellow every new gift I post
    in my blogspot.
    so is free to use in other similar pages.
    or do you want me to post it
    some wehere else,so the gift shows???
    Have a great weekend hun.
    Hugs from you good friend,Betsy

  9. Hi Jill!!
    Great paintings, looks like fun to do.
    Saw you’d already linked me, hehe, thank you 😉
    Linked you to one of my lists too so I can run bye
    whenever to check up on your progress!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Hi my dear Jill ,
    thanks for signing my blogspot guest book,
    and thanks for the lovely gift.
    here is a new gift I have made
    It took me some time to make it.
    Hope you like it.
    Gift to my friends

    hugs from Betsy

  11. Hi Jill,
    how are you doing??
    I made a new gift to my friends.
    I have a code bellow my gift
    that you can use or just take this,.
    hope you like it.
    Gift from Betsy
    Hugs from Betsy

  12. Hello Jill. You have a very nice HP. I already wish you a great weekend. Greetings from Belgium. Mandy.

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